Greater Life Worship Center

                 155 Thrift Avenue

                 Seneca, South Carolina 29678

                 (864) 533-6159


of Unity


We, the congregation of Greater Life Worship Center in Seneca, SC and the surrounding areas, declare in the Name of Jesus Christ that we , along with all Christian congregations, are one church; redeemed by His blood; united through His Holy Spirit and called to His Holy Purpose.


We commit together to seek to love God with our whole being and, in turn, to love each other with His love, we will pray for each other, encourage, minister to, and labor with each other to see the will of God and the Kingdom of God fulfilled and established in the Greater Oconee County area.


Where there is hurt, we will forgive; where there is discouragement, we will uplift; where there is misunderstanding, we will seek to understand. We utterly reject any spirit of competition or territorialism that would divide us and hinder the mission of the Kingdom of God.


We dedicate ourselves, abilities, resources to the Glory of God. Through His blood we are family. Through His love we will serve. Through His power we will go forward and win this city and area for Him.


In Jesus' Name we declare these things.



Sunday Morning Celebration Service 10am |  Wednesday Night Worship 7pm